#8 MARCH 2010

Johnny Zephyr Asthma is a Killer
J. Merrill Motz
Just a Little More Time
Jason Duke
Midnight Hellride
Lance Levens
Adrian Magson
Shooting Fish
Tim Wohlforth
Pink Tarantula
Colin Heintze
Amok and the Invisible Man
Scott Wolven
Everything Tastes Like Whiskey

#7 SUMMER 2009

Tony Amtrak "Not Even to a Dog"
Tribe "
Henry Lee, The Little Girl, and the Dreadful Snake"
Stephen Graham Jones "
The Least of My Scars"
Keith Rawson "
Pornstar Moses"
Erik Lundy "
The Sun's Shining"
Frank Bill "
Flesh Rule"
Scott Phillips "
Clyde Beatty's Prize Orang-Outang"
BV Lawson "
Gun Love"
Jonathan Woods "

#2006 SPRING 2509

Pinckney Benedict "Go Killer Go! Run Killer Run!"
Kyle Minor "
Ill Nature"
Frederick Zackel "
Creepier Than a Whorehouse Kiss"
Jimmy Callaway "
Nailed Up With Fudgsicles"
Cameron Ashley "
Nadia Verdinique's Saturday Night Superlative"
Garnett Elliot "
Strontium Dreams"
Richie Narvaez "
Rough Night in Toronto"
Kieran Shea "
Koko Takes a Holiday"

#5 WINTER 2009

Mark Raymond Falk "Mikey's Old Man"
Frank Bill
"Beautiful Even in Death"
Jonathan Woods
"An Orphan's Tale"
Keith Rawson
"Clinical Trial"
Anonymous 9
"M-N-S (n): murder-necrophilia-suicide"
Neil Richter
"Skin Deep"
Jason Hunt
"Avenging Angel"
Greg Bardsley
"Crazy Larry Smells Bacon"
Another Earful From Maviano

#4 FALL 2008

Kyle Minor "goodbye Hills, hello night"
Frank Bill
"Rough Company"
Kieran Shea
"Proxy 529"
Derek Nikitas
"Bronze Horsemen"
Andy Henion
"When the Strangers Come"
Stanley W. Boyes
"Dog Cop"
Robert McClure
"Elmo's Hunger"

#3 SUMMER 2008

Kyle Minor "They Take You"
Kent Gowran
"High Noon Boogie"
Glenn Gray
"Muscle Chick"
Jedidiah Ayres
"Morning After"
Mark Joseph Kiewlak
Garnett Elliot
"The Greatest Generation"
Tony Black
"Enough of This Shit Already"
Fred Snyder
"Soundtrack for a Crime Drama"

#2 SPRING 2008

Jimmy Callaway "When Dawn Came Without Salvation"
Bryon Quertermous
"The Hemingway Stripper"
Todd Robinson
"Angelo Death"
Jason Duke
"Soldier Boy"
Patricia Abbott
"Like a Hawk Rising"
David J. Montgomery
"Friday Night at Trout's"
Frederick Zackel
"Backing Down the On-Ramp"
Josh Converse
"The Southwest Chief"

#1 WINTER 2008
Greg Bardsley
"Upper Deck"
Stephen Blackmoore
"Come to Jesus"
Tim Maleeny
"The Pride of Master Ling"
Kieran Shea
"Thoroughly Yours"
Matthew Louis
"The Fighter Still Remains"
William Boyle
"Far From God"
Jeremiah Granden
"The Motorcycle Cop"
Justin Porter
"Look for the Signs"