PLOTS WITH GUNS is an online literary journal for noir & trasngressive fiction, as long as it has a gun in it somehow, some way.

Minimum Word Count: 2000 // Maximum word count: 10000

No pay, but if accepted, the Editor owes the Author a drink next time he sees him or her.
Submit work as docx, doc, or rtf to: a (dot) neil (dot) smith AT He will let some trusted readers have their say before taking a final look and making a decision.



THE PULP COVER GAME: Since I used pulp novels from my own collection as art this time, I will definitely give credit to the original artists and books. However, let's have fun first. I want to see who can name the most authors and books. Some are easy because the names are already partially revealed, but how about the rest? Most answers before TUESDAY, JUNE 22, at 11AM gets a signed copy of a book I wrote. You pick.


SPECIAL ISSUE, OCTOBER 2010: "New Slashers"

For our October issue of PLOTS WITH GUNS, we want horror. We want the sort of shit-your-pants horror that comes not like a sudden shock on the screen, but the kind that makes you increasingly nervous for hours and days after reading it. And we want the kind of nostalgia-bending fiction that reminds us of all those movies from the 80's where the slutty people died first.

Yep, we want some new slashers.

Make up a slasher and put him or her in a story that will make my balls shrivel up. It can be an origin story, or a "sequel", or anything in-between. As long as this is a completely new made up slasher that will freak us the hell out.

And the story has to have a gun in it.

Our typical "contemporary setting" restriction is out the window for this one as well. It can be a slasher from any age, past, present, or future.

We'd like 'em under 5K, please. Deadline will be early September. Issue will be posted in mid October.

Shock us, you writer bastards!